Olivier Bardot © Cyril de Kergommeaux

Olivier Bardot

Olivier Bardot received his musical education in the "Conservatoires à Rayonnement Régional" of Rueil-Malmaison and Boulogne-Billancourt. He is one of the young directors who were influenced by the revival of polyphonic music, following his Master Laurence Equilbey. She taught him the exigencies of a cappella music and opened to him the world of the contemporary repertoire. Olivier Bardot completed his training in choir direction when studying counterpoint and harmony in the class of Pierre Pincemaille. He also studied choir direction with Pierre Calmelet and Marianne Guengard and in 2001 he obtained a "Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales" (the highest existing diploma awarded by the French Conservatoires) and a first price in that discipline.

The same year he founded the Stella Maris choir with a view to offering young professionals an opportunity to do serious work on the choral repertoire of the last two centuries. In the course of years, Stella Maris has acquired a sound whose homogeneity and colour have been praised by the specialized press (Diapason, Le Monde de la Musique, Cadences…). In September 2007, Olivier Bardot founded the chamber choir/vocal ensemble Lux Aeterna which gathers sixteen singers who want to pursue a musical career.

Both a singer and a director, Olivier Bardot owes a lot to his experience as a singer in the "Opéra de Paris"’s Children’s Choir and in the "Jeune Chœur de Paris". In 2003 Laurence Equilbey and Geoffroy Jourdain made him their assistant in the Training Centre for young singers in the "Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional" of Paris. This was the opportunity for him to work with René Jacobs (Don Giovanni by Mozart at the Salle Pleyel), François-Xavier Roth (Les Planètes by Holst at the "Théâtre Mogador"), David Levi (Mass by Bernstein at the "Cité de la Musique") and Philippe Herreweghe (Lelio by Berlioz at the "Théâtre national de Poitiers").

Olivier Bardot in concert © Stella Maris

Olivier Bardot’s experience was also enriched by a nomber of Masterclasses : Hans-Michaël Beuerle and Frieder Bernius for German music ; Gunnar Erikson, Carl Høgset and Bo Johanson for the Scandinavian repertoire; Pierre Cao for ancient music; and Michel-Marc Gervais for conducting gestures and the French repertoire. Thanks/owing to his knowledge of/prophiciency in polyphony, Olivier Bardot has frequently been invited, either as a conductor (by the Chamber Choir Variations, by Namur’s Capella Mosane), as an artistic director in recordings, or as a specialist (congress of the "Institut Français d’Art Choral").

A former teacher in the Humanities, Olivier Bardot is also a dedicated educator. From 2004 to 2009, in the "Conservatoire du 9ème arrondissement de Paris", he and Emilie Dupont-Lafort transformed the Nadia Boulanger Children’s Choir into a department devoted to vocal art. Next September, he and Henri Chalet will become the new directors of music of the "Jeune Choeur de Paris", which will become integrated into the novel "Pôle Vocal Supérieur de Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt".

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