About Stella Maris Choir

Work session in St Etienne du Mont © Sébastien Perez-Duarte

The Stella Maris Choir was founded in September 2001. It is composed of singers aged 20-35, with substantial musical experience.

Stella Maris mostly performs and records a cappella works of the last two centuries. Its aim is to bring young amateurs to a thorough understanding and precise interpretation of the musical works. Singers in concert © Laurent Etorre The singers are recruited after an audition and they are invited to work with their singing teachers in order to achieve personalized targets, which are reassessed every year. During the rehearsals, a lot of emphasis is put on vocal technique and the development of the singers’ awareness of harmony, in order to achieve a unified sound which has already been praised by critics.

Stella Maris’s blend and balance has been achieved by working on composers like Mendelssohn, Brahms, Kodály, Britten, Poulenc, Duruflé and Messiaen. We have recently explored different styles, such as Northern European music, with Grieg, Sibelius, Kuula and Rautavaara.

Stella Maris is also involved in the promotion of contemporary works. In 2005, we participated in the oratorio Une Femme de Parole by Thierry Machuel. Machuel solist © Cyril de Kergommeaux We created works by Morgan Jourdain, and performed works by Pierre-Philippe Bauzin and Guillaume Connesson at the 2007 Biennale díart vocal (Choral music festival) in the Cite de la Musique, La Villette, Paris.

More recently, Stella Maris has performed with different directors. Roberto Gatto was invited to direct the choir and his orchestra in a Mendelssohn programme. Leo Warynski directed the choir in a programme which included John Cage, Thierry Machuel and Knut Nystedt during the Nuit Blanche in Paris (an all-night concert).

The choir was used for training purposes in the Masterclass given by Frieder Bernius, the director of the Kammerchor Stuttgart, in the Conservatoire Regional de Paris. We sang motets by the Bach family in his presence.

Latest update: 05-2018